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Linden Dawson

Customer Digital Identity, Senior Product Manager


Linden Dawson is an identity industry practitioner and international speaker on human rights, privacy protections and emerging identity & access management technology. With diverse experience spanning both the public and private sectors, she has walked the floors of tier one banks and telcos in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia, helping others successfully navigate industry regulations with best-practice identity management.

In her current role leading the Customer Digital Identity capability at the National Australia Bank, Linden takes an optimistic yet pragmatic approach to solving identity problems in the real world.



Panel: The Future of Digital Security: Emerging trends and technologies

  • Analysing the effectiveness and implementation challenges of passwordless authentication

  • Addressing the evolution of authentication security with identity management / AI

  • How to personalise customer experiences with data analytics while ensuring security

  • Exploring advanced authentication methods beyond biometrics and MFA

  • Investigating the potential technologies for tamper-proof security processes through AI/ ML

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