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Raza Nowrozy

Head of Cyber Security


Raza Nowrozy is the Head of Cybersecurity at Untapped Talent. He has made many diverse and distinguished contributions to the information technology industry as a Cybersecurity expert. His dedication to developing international neurodiverse cybersecurity talent has led to the creation of tailored learning resources, effective assessment strategies, and valuable academic and professional publications. As a prominent speaker at industry and educational conferences, Raza offers advice to large organizations on how to harness neurodiverse talent for their cybersecurity needs, while also securing government funding for such initiatives.

Raza's passion for championing neurodiversity in Cybersecurity is evident through his work with Untapped Talent, where he has trained autistic employees in top Australian organizations. His expertise extends to authoring autism-related articles, participating in the Genius Armoury platform, and actively engaging in professional societies to promote neurodiverse cybersecurity talent. Raza's unwavering commitment to fostering a more inclusive Cyber industry has earned him recognition as the 9th place recipient of CSO Australia's 2022 and top 30 CSO award CSO30 Australia 2023.



Panel: Will Australia be the most “Cyber-Secure” country in the world?

  • Assessing Australia's potential to lead global cybersecurity efforts

  • Exploring strategies to strengthen Australia's cybersecurity posture

  • Discussing challenges and opportunities in achieving cyber resilience on a national scale

  • Facilitating the exchange of threat intelligence and best practices to enhance global cybersecurity

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